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I’m enjoying more work on the Silverstone Heritage Project, this time researching and writing up just about everything that’s happened at the circuit.  It’s involved revisiting many years of watching sports with the F1 story, but new ground for me with motorcycles and production cars.  This great picture is of Sheila Van Damme with her Sunbeam at Silverstone in about 1955.  Her racing team partner was Stirling Moss.

Silverstone+-+Daily+Express+-+May+1956_RB+934+-+Sheila+Van+Damme+-+Sunbeam.jpg.small (1)


  1. Alex Jackson

    This photo of Sheila van Damm (no “e”) is very interesting in that it shows her with SHP745 after taking part in the 1956 Mille Miglia (April 28-29) with the event race numbers still painted on. I assume the occasion of this photo at Silverstone was part of a series of promotional events that took place in order to raise the profile of the car. Are there any other photos of the same car available? There is quite a lot of material available on Sheila van Damm at the Mille Miglia if you’re interested.

  2. Many thanks for your comment Alex – really interesting, and apologies for the spelling mistake. I didn’t realise her background in the Mille Miglia, despite visiting the museum in Brescia a while ago. I’m afraid I don’t know if there are any other photos available of the same car.

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