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Thanks for visiting this site.  Here’s the dull but essential bit.

I am a freelance writer, principally writing non-fiction articles for magazines and journals.

I am also a museum copywriter, writing exhibition, display, marketing and report copy for museums, archives and libraries.

I have managed museums and archives and worked with collections and the public for over thirty years.  My detailed CVs can be found alongside this button.

My particular skills are the research and gathering of often complex information and its distillation to clear and interesting text.

Or to put it another way, I love writing stuff that people enjoy reading.  And I really like cats.


  1. Dear Caroline,

    I trust this email finds you well.

    I am writing to you on behalf of Empty, a Spanish company based in Madrid specialized in museums and exhibition installations. Empty is now developing a project for Dubai Municipality in the historical district of Shindagha, located on the shores of the Creek. This area, originally the centre of Dubai, is under process of revitalization with the aim to create a living heritage museum, to be known as the Shindagha Museum.

    The Shindagha Museum project is divided into several stages, or ‘waves’, corresponding to different theme pavilions made up of clustered historic houses that showcase Dubai’s (and Shindagha’s) history and culture. One of these theme pavilions will be focused in the Dubai’s maritime heritage under the name “Culture of the Sea”. As you surely know, Dubai has strong ties with the sea and a rich maritime history that it deserves to be told and continues until this day, and includes issues such as fishing, pearling and trading, seafaring or dhow building. Empty has been appointed to develop this project entirely, from the content structure to the exhibition architecture.

    At the moment, we’re looking for copywriters with a museum background to help with the development of the museum scripts, panels, labels, etc., and our search has led us to your profile. Would this be something you’d be interested in?

    Thank you and look forward to hearing from you soon,


    1. Dear Abdallah

      Many thanks for getting in touch about the Shindagha Museum in Dubai. It sounds a very interesting project, and one that I would usually very much look to bid to be a part of. Unfortunately I have just started a large piece of work which will fully occupy me for some time, and I am therefore unable to take on other projects, however attractive.

      I am sorry that I am unable to help but wish you and Empty all the best with the museum

      With thanks and best wishes


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