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Silverstone Heritage research

What a great job!  I’ve just completed researching the history of RAF Silverstone and have now turned to the racing history of the site for the Silverstone Heritage Live Project.  Silverstone’s owners, the British Racing Drivers Club, are leading this multi-million pound visitor experience, and I’m working directly with designers Mather and Co and the BRDC Archive.

silverstone2010       06-InternationalTrophySilverstone-1950        IMG_5021       Harwell box

`Belvedere Village’ to be published in `Bygone Kent’

`Belvedere Village – Victorian Prayers and Profit’ is a primary source- based article on the rapid development of Upper Belvedere in the 1800s.  It’s a tale of pubs and patrimony, crooks and committees, old salts, villas and watercress.  `Bygone Kent’ is the magazine of Kent’s history and `Belvedere Village’ will appear shortly.

DSC01210    image4331    DSC01289    11046614_10152699129520869_8756670904670229224_n

Photographs on Studio MB website

Museum designers Studio MB feature all their projects on their website and I’m pleased to report that they have used my photographs for their page on The Green Howards Museum in Richmond, Yorkshire.

There are more – and they’re bigger and brighter – at

DSC00368      DSC00254

DSC00284      DSC00268


DSC00250    DSC00351


The Green Howards Museum opens

I’ve been copyediting and copywriting text for the redevelopment of The Green Howards Museum in Richmond in Yorkshire.  Everyone’s hard work – especially the museum staff and designers Studio MB – has come to fruition in a great new museum.  They had financial support from the HLF and their Friends and local community – and over 200 people crammed into the opening.  I’m really pleased to have been part of this excellent project.

DSC00333       DSC00309      DSC00271      DSC00292       DSC00371      DSC00253      DSC00373      DSC00324      DSC00354      DSC00279      DSC00349

BRITAIN website March/April 2013



A Trailer for `Fight the good fight’ in BRITAIN


Remarkable British women

It’s 100 years since a suffragette threw herself in front of the king’s horse at the Epsom Derby – read our 6 facts about the woman who changed British history. Emily Davison was one of many remarkable characters involved in the fight for the vote – just who were these women who dedicated their lives to the noble yet dangerous cause. Read on to discover more.

Suffragettes march in LondonSuffragettes march in London © Alamy

Did you know?

  • Writer Mary Wollstonecraft has been called The Mother of Feminism. She was also the mother of Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein.
  • The first woman to vote in a parliamentary election in Britain was the Manchester shopkeeper Lily Maxwell in 1867. Her name was on the voters’ register as a ratepayer and she was cheered at the polling station. This loophole was quickly closed.
  • Not all women supported the vote.The ‘Anti- Suffrage League’ said: “We believe in the division of functions as the keystone of civilisation”.
  • Women also wanted freedom from their corsets and advocated bloomers and unlaced underwear. Many suffragettes were keen cyclists, believing it was “a woman’s right to dress for an activity”.
  • Millicent Fawcett’s National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies is now The Fawcett Society, which continues to campaign for women.